Buell bike possibility...

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Buell bike possibility...

Postby SuzukiAlan » Tue Jun 04, 2019 7:59 pm

Odd to me how this ol' brain of mine works: was staying a few days with daughter Corri, who teaches at W. Georgia College, after she'd accompanied me on my second Camino de Santiago de Compostela trek, when her boyfriend Tim showed up on what he called a "custom-built-by-Harley" (?) retro-Sportster. Must admit it was beautiful but I declined his offer to ride it, because it was getting dark and I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood, etc.

But during the course of our conversation Tim said he knew a guy who had an older Buell for sale. How much? I asked. Twelve hundred dollars, said Tim. Has been sitting in his garage for 12-14 years and just wants to get rid of it. ( Hmm...)

Then Corri's friend, who owns a vintage Guzzi and 2 BSAs, stopped by to suggest we take a 1.5 hour drive tomorrow to the Barber Museum in Alabama. So we, of course, went, and all the reports are correct: it is Ay-Mayyyyzing! So here's one more kicker along the Harley line: They have a complete run of all the Buells on display, supplemented by an exhaustive history of all the ups & downs (mostly downs) of the poor marque.

Fascinating, causing me to return again & again to that mysterious, dust laden bike parked in a Georgia garage. So the next time I saw Tim, I asked if he'd mind taking a few pics with his cellphone - especially the info on the fork head. Okay, I know the Buell story's not a happy one and their resale value has long ago tanked ... but the Barber folks were impressed enough to give 'em center stage. Might they be a future collectible? Think on it...

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Re: Buell bike possibility...

Postby Dragonknee » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:13 pm

Still see them running around and I have to admit that they were cool bikes. Its a decent price for a bike and could be lots of fun.
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